Wendy’s Remote Site Monitoring and Automation

Restaurants have to accomplish a number of tasks in order to ensure that their business is ready to serve its customers. Among these tasks is managing a number of critical equipment and making sure they are running as needed. Oftentimes, equipment downtime and failures go unnoticed until it is too late. This is where IoT automation solutions are changing the game. 

Real-time monitoring and automation allow for the redirection of labor, providing staff with more time to focus on driving sales and delivering exceptional customer service. Manual processes can be rushed through or overlooked by staff members that are busy with other daily tasks that need to be completed. Process automation allows for more efficient and accurate data collection. 

Automation solutions also ensure that equipment is operating as needed and prevent malfunctions across your organization. With instant notifications of any abnormalities in performance, you and your staff will be able to take preventative measures. This reduces costs and increases productivity. 

We are honored to work with a number of Wendy’s Operators who have implemented Energybox Solutions. We have been able to reduce their energy consumption, costs, and product loss while increasing productivity and profitability. Monitoring and automation of their key equipment allow Wendy’s team members to be in the know of their operations at all times and keeps their equipment in check. 

Wendy’s is enjoying automation, now it’s your turn. Learn how Energybox can add value to your business by increasing efficiency, mitigating risks, and reducing costs. 


Wendy’s Case Study: https://www.energybox.com/wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/Energybox-Duale-Industries-Case-Study.pdf


Our Solutions: https://www.energybox.com/solutions-type/