Health & Medical

Ensure specimen quality & integrity while reducing labor and operational costs.

HVAC & Lighting Controls

Automate equipment operations with networked thermostats and custom schedules of key equipment reducing energy costs and prolonging service life.

Calibration & Certification

Management and Digitization of the ISO 17025 Certification Process with traceable and easily available calibration certificates.

Automated Temperature Checks

Real-time monitoring of temperatures to ensure product quality and equipment performance.

Equipment Health

Track overall performance avoiding downtime and maintenance visits while ensuring equipment health.

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Instant Alerts and Notifications of any critical deviations from Stand Operating Procedures & equipment performance allowing personnel to take immediate corrective actions.


View critical site and equipment status with our CloudKiosk, prominently displayed, enabling team members to take immediate corrective action and use Kiosk Page.

Address your Operational Challenges

Automate Manual Temperature Checks

Protect Specimen & Product Integrity

Ensure Compliance with Agency Standards

Immediate Communication of Equipment Downtime

Equipment and Site Performance Benchmarking

Digitize NIST Certification Process

Experience the simplicity of IoT Automation.