Energybox provides end-to-end IoT solutions that automate your multi-site operations. Our systems monitor your operational data and energy usage in real-time using modular sensors, advanced cloud services and AI capabilities. This data is collected and processed allowing you to make informed decisions and increase operational efficiency. We allow you to track your organization on a multi-site level and create value by optimizing your operations and ensuring your sites are properly managed.

Our technology stack


The Energybox systems is a network of thousands of smart devices communicating in real-time. This data can be accessed by customers on the Energybox platform. This is where customer interaction with our data comes into play. Through our intuitive UI system, you will be able to access your all of your operations, across all of your sites. This is also where customers will be able to set up systems and notifications as well as schedule equipment run times throughout your operations. The centralized platform allows you to monitor all of your sites at any time and from any where.

Cloud Services

Data is collected and stored in the cloud. We ensure that not a single data point gets lost in this collection process. Our team of highly trained data analystsdevelop expert knowledge and algorithms. Our microservices take the unique task of understanding and turning this data into valuable insights. This allows our platform to automate and scale analytic workloads using cloud technology. The results provide our customers with actionable insights, the ability to identify anomalies, create clarity and ensure simplicity.


Our gateways, both the Hub and EnergyPro, are highly efficient and secure, ensuring that data from the sensors is transmitted without any downtime. Working with the Cisco IR809 allows us to operate an even more secure network. This extra layer or security allows the network to be independent.

Sensors and Actuators

Our sensors are small, wireless, flexible and modular. They have prolonged battery life and a plug and play installation process. Existing distribution panels can be upgraded easily without increasing costs.

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