Granular & real-time data is processed & converted into multi-dimensional insights enabling the fully autonomous facility.

Ground breaking, fully integrated end-to-end IoT solutions that automate your multi-site operations. Our system includes proprietary sensors, controls, software, and AI to monitor, automate, optimize your facilities, equipment and processes. Data generated by our systems are processed and converted into multi-dimensional insights, enabling real-time automation and providing you with the ability to make informed decisions.

Software Cutting Edge & Simple

Cloud-based IoT software platform utilizing a React / Redux powered web application connecting all sites and sensors

Sensors Modular & Robust

State-of-the-art patented sensor technology seamlessly connects all of your existing equipment to the Energybox Platform.

Controls Dynamic & Reliable

Enterprise-level edge-control ensuring continuous uptime

Data Complex & Secure

A wide range of tools and technologies are needed to manage thousands of smart devices communicating millions of data points every day

AI Powerful & Automated

The foundation of the Energybox platfom is the technology which collects, manages, and analyzes millions of data points per second

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