Energybox provides ground breaking, fully integrated end-to-end IoT solutions that automate your multi-site operations.

Our system includes proprietary sensors, controls, software, and AI to monitor, automate, optimize your facilities, equipment and processes.

Data generated by our systems are processed and converted into multi-dimensional insights, enabling real-time automation and providing you with the ability to make informed decisions.


Manage all of your sites through one centralized platform accessible by tablet, phone and web and benchmark equipment, site performance while accessing real-time and historical data.

  • Remote configuration and setup of all sensors and gateways
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Granular data insights and historical data
  • Role-based permission model
  • Multi-tiered exception based notification system
  • Devices configurable by individual locations or zones
  • Charts update in real-time
  • Real-time gran…
  • Multi-dimensional …


The heart of Energybox - where the magic happens - is our multi-service processing center, a highly scalable infrastructure that is always online, secure and can process thousands of sites relentlessly providing multi-dimensional insights with ease.

  • Real-time big data processing
  • Correlation of energy and operational data providing, actionable insights, and alerts
  • Time series database with globally harmonized timestamps
  • Highly scalable processing infrastructure
  • Real-time health checks
  • Multi-factorial data aggregation
  • Multiple streams of data from varied sensors can trigger predetermined actions

Gateways and Edge Computing

Our gateways transmit data from our sensors through a cellular network or cable. Also working with CISCO devices allows us to expand our solutions and strive for network independence.

  • Cellular based or LAN based backhal to cloud.
  • Edge compute ensures online and offline processing support, efficient platform operations and resiliency to disruptions of connectivity.
  • Dynamic control based on accurate real-time equipment performance.
  • Energy demand management leverages granular multi-dimensional data to optimize control actions providing deeper savings without the operational interference.

Sensors and Automation

Our wireless sensors are small, flexible and modular. They have a prolonged battery life and are made for easy, plug and play installation. Existing electrical distribution panels can be upgraded easily without increasing costs.

  • Small in size can fit discreetly anywhere.
  • Upgradable over-the-air.
  • Self powered.

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