Equipment-Tracking Technology

Connecting equipment across multiple locations

Facility managers dash from problem to problem. We’re here to change that. We connect all equipment and provide you with an easy overview of your operations. Our sensor systems track operational parameters – including energy usage, temperature, humidity and access – on a micro level and in real time. Sensor solutions are easy to install and synchronize securely to our cloud platform – so you have what you need at hand to make informed decisions about your business

Cloud Data Platform

Collating and interpreting data

Our sensor solutions send data to our cloud data platform. Next, we use big data aggregation, machine learning, AI and cloud database services to collate and interpret it. Sounds complicated? We’ve kept the process simple with smart user interfaces, so it’s easy for you to work with the data. You can store and manage all data using the platform. And you can enable live feeds of areas and equipment tracking, and build your own applications using our API. It’s safe and secure, and can scale and grow with your business.

Business Intelligence Software

Optimizing and automating your performance

To turn insights into opportunities, you need analytical muscle. Our business intelligence software processes and analyzes complex data from the cloud data platform, turning it into easy-to-visualize information you can act on. Empowered by these insights, you have the knowledge you need to eliminate hassle, waste and risk.