Energybox & Sustainability

Here at Energybox we make an impact and a positive difference to our planet by contributing to the UN Sustainability goals.
The selected goals are deeply rooted into our company values, and are being reflected outwards to our services and products.

Good health and well-being

Our solutions assist food & beverage companies to detect and manage food-related risks, allowing them to provide safe and healthy food to their clients. Our advanced, real-time monitoring solutions ensure specimen integrity in pharmaceutical labs, enabling the safe development of medicine.

Affordable and clean energy

Our solutions allow businesses and organizations to reduce their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency behavior. Furthermore, we provide our customers with reliable options to offset their energy use-induced CO2 emissions, and we help them to identify renewable energy opportunities.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We introduce advanced information and communication technology solutions, empowering businesses to automate their processes and operations, and to increase their effectiveness and productivity.

Responsible consumption and production

With our solutions and overall practices, we actively promote resource and energy efficiency among businesses. We assist organizations to excel in their operations and to strengthen their competitiveness, whilst encouraging them to minimize waste and to deliver safe and climate-neutral products.

Sustainability whitepaper

Download our sustainability whitepaper for a detailed report


We are monitoring the environmental effects of our customers’ practices 24/7, and recommend ways to reduce and offset their carbon footprint