Convenience & Retail

Increase profitability while enhancing customer satisfaction and food quality.

HVAC & Lighting Controls

Automate equipment operations with networked thermostats and custom schedules of key equipment reducing energy costs and prolonging service life.

Refrigeration & Key Equipment Control

Management and optimization of defrost cycles with temperature and schedule based heat slabs/heat tapes on sidewalks and in driveways.

Automated Temperature Checks

Real-time monitoring of temperatures to ensure product quality and equipment performance.

Remote Site Management

One centralized, cloud-based platform providing seamless visibility and control of equipment across all sites.

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Instant Alerts and Notifications of any critical deviations from Stand Operating Procedures & equipment performance allowing personnel to take immediate corrective actions.

Address your Operational Challenges

Automate Manual

Custom Lighting and HVAC Schedules

Protect Product Quality

Optimize Equipment

Monitoring Critical Equipment Temperature and Performance

Avoid Unnecessary Maintenance Visits and Costs

Experience the simplicity of IoT Automation.