Storage & Commercial

Ensure equipment uptime and protect assets while reducing labor and energy costs.

Energy Monitoring

Automate equipment operations with networked thermostats and custom schedules of key equipment reducing energy costs and prolonging service life.

Door Access Monitoring

Monitor all door activity to ensure facility and customer belongings are safe and secure with real-time notifications of long door open durations.

Automated Temperature Checks

Real-time monitoring of temperatures to ensure product quality and equipment performance.

Energy Consumption

Optimize and benchmark energy consumption across all equipment and sites enabling easy identification of performance anomalies.

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Instant Alerts and Notifications of any critical deviations from Stand Operating Procedures & equipment performance allowing personnel to take immediate corrective actions.

Address your Operational Challenges

Automate Manual

Monitor Ambient Temperatures & Humidity in Real-Time

Increase Transparency of Temperature and Humidity of Facilities

Immediate Communication of Equipment Downtime

Optimize Energy Consumption

Reduce Operational and Energy Costs

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