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Our solutions and software track equipment and facilities across multiple locations in real time, so you can automate processes, improve efficiency, mitigate risks and enhance customer experience and service.

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We’re here to
make a positive difference

Every business faces challenges to its performance, operations and efficiency.

New !   Enhance food safety with our monitoring solutions

Is your "pen and paper" food temperature record correct? Where did you store them? Forgot to record?

With the Energybox Food Monitoring solution, you can customize and automate the food inspection process that suits your needs. It helps to ensure optimum conditions and stay HACCP compliant. All data is synced with our cloud, which allows you to manage your facilities and processes, from anywhere.

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Knowledge is power

Everything we design and develop is focused on empowering you with total oversight of your business. Don’t let small problems become big issues. With the right solutions, we can make a lasting impact on your business.

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Every circuit tells a story

Invaluable data flows through your equipment and facilities each and every second. We’re here to help you harness the power of that data.

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We process more than 1 billion data points, every day

What makes us different is that we don’t just gather data, we make sense of it. With our patented cloud-based platform and business intelligence software, we illuminate business performance to put the power back in your hands.


Protect the planet

Improve sustainability. Preserve resources. Be socially responsible.
Our systems collect and collate data to help you understand the environmental impact of your operations and comply with regulations. We see this as more than just a bottom-line advantage – this drives industry-wide change in a way that benefits everyone, including our planet.