Change has to start somewhere. We’re proud to be leading it.

We envision a future of true efficiency through data and automation. Inspired by cutting-edge technology and the innovation of real people, we’re ready to rise to the challenges of a changing world. We see a future where all businesses are equipped to make a positive difference today, tomorrow and for the next generation.

Less waste, less risk, better business.

What we do

Connect people, places and power.

Collect the data that drives decision-making.

Automate operations to maximize efficiency.

Optimize the performance of your business.



Just like our systems, our team is a testament to individual parts working together. We’re as diverse as the businesses we work with. We’re passionate about our industry and pride ourselves on our design thinking, reliability and attention to detail. Each of us brings our own unique perspective, skills and expertise to Energybox.

Nicolai Wiest


Alan Seigrist

SVP Operations & Finance

Stefan Rust

SVP Software & Marketing

Dirk Beiner

SVP Systems & Technology

Tony Carrella

SVP Business Development

Jan Miebach

Director Product Strategy


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