About Energybox

We envision a future of true efficiency. Every day, we’re driven to deliver solutions that improve lives, businesses and the environment. Through insights, AI and automation, we simplify and empower your business to be safer, profitable and more sustainable than ever before.

Enjoy Automation.

Leading by example

Meet the team

Nicolai Wiest


Dirk Beiner


Tony Carrella

Managing Director Americas

Jan Miebach

Director Strategic Partnerships

Alan Seigrist

CFO & Partnerships

Mike Mastroyiannis

COO & Solutions Management

Michael Lozado

Technical Operations

Andrea Bodnar

Business Development

Marcus Hunger

Data Analytics & AI

Aleksandr Bakshetyan

Systems Architect

Aaron Freidus

Frontend Lead

Louie WK

IoT Engineering

Philipp van Beeck

Control Architect

Culture and Community

Our people live to learn, grow and make a positive impact to the society. Are you interested in a future with Energybox?

The company culture is vital for success as well as society contribution and is described in the following principles:

  • Customer delight focus
  • Teamwork with multifunctional teams
  • Network, flexible and agile organisation which is about hierarchy of competences, not authority
  • Continuous innovation with disciplines execution
  • Employee training is key to the employees and the organisation
  • Management is there to support and coach/mentor employees to contribute to the company’s mission and purpose
  • Speed
  • Accountability

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