We are Energybox

We are an IoT and automation company. We monitor and automate multi-site facilities, equipment and processes. We offer fully integrated solutions - our own sensors, control, software and AI. We sell our solutions through a monthly subscription and our customers enjoy immediate cost savings and return.


Improve people’s lives and the environment through AI and automation


Simplify our customer’s operations with insights and automation


People, simplicity, customer delight, passion, sustainability


Nicolai Wiest
Dirk Beiner
Tony Carrella
Managing Director Americas
Jan Miebach
Director Strategic Partnerships
Alan Seigrist
CFO & Partnerships
Mike Mastroyiannis
COO & Solutions Management
Philipp van Beeck
Chief Software Officer
Michael Lozado
Technical Operations
Andrea Bodnar
Business Development
Marcus Hunger
Data Analytics & AI
Aleksandr Bakshetyan
Systems Architect
Aaron Freidus
Frontend Lead
Louie WK
IoT Engineering

Careers and Culture

Company culture is vital for success as well as society contribution and is described in the following principles:

  • Teamwork with multifunctional teams
  • Network, flexible and agile organization which is about hierarchy of competencies, not authority
  • Continuous innovation with disciplines execution
  • Employee training is key to the employees and the organization
  • Management is there to support and coach/mentor employees to contribute to the company’s mission and purpose

Our people live to learn, grow and make a positive impact to the society.
Are you interested in a future with Energybox?

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