The Most Connected School in the World

Energybox works in a number of industries, one of them being higher education. Energybox has been working with Independent Schools Foundation (ISF Academy) since 2016. With the implementation of Energybox solutions, ISF is the most connected school in the world monitoring nearly 6,000 pieces of equipment such as lighting, HVAC units, AV equipment, projectors, swimming pool boilers, and pumps across their buildings.

ISF was searching for an energy monitoring solution for both sustainability and educational purposes, as practical experience in sustainability practices is becoming more important in the job market. Energybox was able to provide ISF with the actionable visibility they were looking for and have developed a solution that has enabled both staff and students to engage in sustainable practices. This has helped them understand the effect they have on the environment. Together, they created a cutting edge app that consists of two parts. The first part involves the EnergyTracker™ solution. Students and faculty members have access to energy data on an interactive 3D map landscape of the school that shows energy data by building, floor and room-level for granularity. The second part provides a platform for all 2,000 students to compete against each other in energy conservation objectives. They earn points by saving energy, taking quizzes and social sharing.

ISF uses what they call a “rocket” composter which churned out about 27,000 kilograms or 60,000 pounds of food waste in the first year. This amounts to over 90 grams or 3 ounces of waste per student per day. They use the compost material to sell gardening kits throughout Hong Kong to promote the regrowth of plants. Implementing sustainable practices at ISF has created a new and exciting learning experience for students. Diana Zuck Ibarra, who runs Shuyuan science and sustainability program, worked very closely with Energybox in the creation and implementation of these tools. She stated, “We believe that if you can change the behavior of school students, there’s a multiplier effect.”

ISF students and faculty have become more aware of their energy consumption through Energybox solutions. Not only are they learning to be more sustainable, but having fun at the same time with a little healthy competition. The data that they have access to is so granular and allows them to really understand where the most energy is being used in order to reduce and optimize their usage. The app and the implementation of Energybox solutions have encouraged a different way of thinking, leading to a more sustainable and efficient world.

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Source: PRWEB