Reducing Energy & Optimizing Resources

The current energy crisis is affecting the world we live in, in numerous ways. Becoming aware of and reducing the resources we use in our homes, communities, and businesses is increasingly important. Energy prices and the pressure to meet global crisis goals are rising. 

Our planet and resources as we know them are diminishing. Many business owners and operators receive demand charges that equal or exceed the price they pay for kWh consumption. While kWh reduction is critical for cost savings and sustainability, demand management is also a huge opportunity to save money on your utility bill. 

Sustainable practices are becoming industry standard as companies become more aware of their effect on the planet and its resources. Business owners and customers are more conscious of their decisions’ impact. In a valiant effort to make a positive change for the future of our planet, there are many goals that have been put into place to meet by 2030 and the following years. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been established to lay out a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.”1 Even the most minor steps in the right direction can make a difference. If we all take the necessary actions, collectively, we can optimize our resources and set the planet up for success in the following years. 

Though COVID-19 first hit us globally in 2020, the pandemic has and will continue to affect our ability to keep up with the UN’s SDGs. The pandemic affected every aspect of our lives but has allowed us to start thinking differently. It has provided us with the opportunity to think of things differently. The global pandemic is only one of the current challenges that have affected our ability to stay on track to meet our goals by 2023. The current climate crisis also has a huge impact on our sustainability goals. According to Liu Zhenmin, “Increased heatwaves, droughts and apocalyptic wildfires and floods are already affecting billions of people around the globe and causing potentially irreversible damage to the Earth’s ecosystems.”2 In order to counteract the disasters that are occurring, greenhouse gas emissions are predicted to rise rather than decrease to hit the goal of net zero by 2050. The immense number of challenges we are facing requires an incredible amount of effort needed to make the necessary change. 

We all need to make a concerted effort to become more sustainable, and this is applicable in more ways than one; Individuals, Families, Businesses, Corporations and other organizations. Being able to track, manage, control, and understand your energy consumption is a necessity. Access to real-time energy data is changing the game and helps to take smaller steps towards a brighter future. 

Energybox is a technology company that offers automation and sustainability solutions for multi-site enterprises. We automate their operations, reduce costs and improve sustainability.

We serve a wide range of customers including convenience stores, laboratories, quick-serve restaurants, and retail.  We develop our own state-of-the-art sensors, controls, software and AI.  Our solutions are sold through a monthly subscription, which provides immediate return and benefits to our customers. 

We are proud of the positive impact we make to our customers’ business and the environment.



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