Pen and Paper Food Safety Records are not Good for your Business

Food safety is vital to every food business and staying on top of it is a constant challenge. However, the majority of food businesses still collect food safety records using manual processes, which can be a time-consuming process and is far from infallible. There are several reasons for food businesses to switch to digital records:


1. Save time and money 
Pen and paper records are time consuming and leave less time for employees to focus on the work that directly contributes to turnover.


2. Security
Handwritten paperwork can easily be lost, illegible or completed incorrectly. This can leave your business with a very poor hygiene rating, even if there aren’t any problems with kitchen hygiene. Digital records are stored securely in the Cloud and are always ready for inspection.


3. Accountability
Unfortunately, manual records are often falsified. Either staff members are too busy or forget to take records and make them up long after the date or even ahead of time. Digital records are stamped with the time, date and the staff member so you can see exactly who has done what and when.


4. Increased visibility
To access pen and paper records, Food Safety Managers need to visit the store or restaurant and collect and process the paperwork themselves. With digital records, a Food Safety Manager can access the records for any of their restaurants or stores anywhere in the world, in real-time.


 5. Instant alerts
Without instant alerts, issues aren’t discovered until long after they happen. For instance, if a freezer door is left ajar at the end of the day, no one would know until the following day when valuable stock has been ruined. Instant alerts can be sent to a mobile phone, tablet or desktop if anything goes amiss.


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