New Platform Feature: Customizable Dashboards

Energybox is excited to announce our customizable dashboard feature!

What does this mean for you?

You will now be able to customize and personalize your own unique dashboard providing you with a tailored data viewing experience. This feature allows platform users to pick and choose which data tiles they would like to view. Along with this new “a la carte” data tile selection process, users will be able to rearrange the tiles into a personalized order and layout. The customized dashboard will not affect the implementation of Energybox solutions across your locations but will personalize your own experience with our platform.

Simplicity and flexibility: Users will now be able to create multiple dashboards depending on their unique needs. Only need to view specific energy data? Sure! Create a completely different dashboard to view your temperature data. This gives the users more freedom and control over what data matters most, dependent upon the needs and interests of their business.

Pick and choose the data tiles that are most important for you. Discover a data display that works for you. Customize your dashboard and take control of your operations.