Improve Healthcare Compliance & Transparency

Following standards and ensuring compliance are both of high importance in many, if not all, industries. An industry in which these are of the highest importance would be the Health & Medical field.

The industry is incredibly regulated, and rightly so. Laboratories take care of patients while handling very delicate and sensitive materials. These materials must be handled with the utmost care and stored at proper temperatures in order to protect their integrity. Improper storage can lead to inaccurate readings or analysis as well as the disposal of products. These facilities are responsible for providing accurate results to their patients, and inaccurate analysis can be detrimental to patient health. Labs also need to comply with a number of regulations and industry standards in order to pass inspections. The process of completing temperature checks and making sure that equipment is operating properly can be quite tedious, time-consuming and this is just one of the many tasks staff must complete on a daily basis.

The healthcare industry, like most, involves customer service. It is incredibly important that these laboratories have excellent brand reputations and such reputations are earned – With years of experience and proven success. If a laboratory does not pass the necessary inspections, this can affect a patient’s trust and loyalty. When managing multiple locations, a number of employees, and an immense amount of patients, it can be quite difficult to juggle the long lists of daily tasks.

The past 2 years have made the need to increase productivity even more necessary. Healthcare workers are being relied on even more heavily than in previous years. Labs are facing labor shortages. There are even fewer hands on deck, but the workload and daily tasks at hand remain the same. The Health & Medical industry has a clear need for a way to alleviate the gap in labor while increasing their productivity.

Many healthcare facilities are implementing automation solutions. Solutions such as these allow temperature checks to be automated. They provide increased accuracy and allow more time for staff to focus on their other high-priority tasks. Automation has been able to help the healthcare industry immensely, especially during these past few years. With automated processes, real-time equipment status, and instant notifications of any anomalies, managing healthcare facilities has never been easier.

Energybox is a leading IoT Automation Company, offering solutions to a handful of industries, one of them being Health & Medical. Wireless sensors are installed on key laboratory equipment, which then collects data and sends this information to an all-in-one platform. The platform is available on any smart device from anywhere and at any time. The system also alerts customers of any deviations in equipment performance, whether that be HVAC & lighting, equipment temperatures, or door access. Energybox also handles the calibration and certification of sensors with traceable and easily available calibration certificates. Want to learn more about our Lab solutions? Click the link below or contact us today.


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