How IoT Makes Burgers Better

The cheeseburger is a staple of American cuisine and for many of us, it’s hard to imagine a world without it. In the early 1900s, the burger fell out of favor with the public. Upton Sinclair had just published The Jungle which exposed the awful sanitation practices of the meatpacking industry and as a result, Americans were hesitant to eat ground beef. Then, White Castle set out to change the stigma with their clean white uniforms and stainless steel interiors. The rest is history as the hamburger is still popular today and White Castle is now a national chain with over 370 locations in 13 states.

However, that doesn’t mean the food industry has always kept up to code since then. There have been many public health scares with fast food, most recently with the lettuce at Chipotle containing E. Coli. The main culprit behind these outbreaks is temperature, or food not being stored properly. Food gets contaminated with bacteria and mold when it isn’t kept at the right temperature. If a door is left open, or a freezer malfunctions then the company has to throw out the food or risk a health crisis, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars. These situations put the company’s brand at risk and customer trust falters.  It’s a real lose-lose situation.


That’s where IoT solutions come in. Temperature sensors, door sensors, energy sensors, and controls can all prevent the next fast food catastrophe. If a door is left open for too long, personnel will be notified immediately, allowing them to take the proper actions to avoid these issues. The same thing applies when a freezer leaves the appropriate temperature range which can affect the integrity of food and other products. These are problems that would have gone otherwise unnoticed. These solutions can reduce costs and product loss preventing any bad press that a health scare would cause.

Energybox is a leading IoT Solutions Provider. Our solutions monitor key equipment in real-time while tracking energy usage temperatures, and door access. Our controls allow customers to create custom operating schedules to ensure equipment is turned on or off as needed, optimizing energy consumption. These solutions can help to keep food safer and prevent product waste due to negligence or equipment failure. Protect your customers, brand, and product safe by implementing Energybox solutions.