Food Service Operators Need to Go Digital

As staff turnover rates in the food industry continue to increase, consumers and food service operators will face the consequences. For food service operators, a  shrinking talent pool might translate to difficulty in hiring qualified staff. Without the right level of training, operators are putting their customers at risk.


Chipotle is an example of how insufficient training can result in major food safety incidents, as was seen when an ill employee came to work and did not report their symptoms. The question for consumers is whether their favorite brands and restaurants have sufficient controls in place to serve food safely, especially with such high levels of turnover.


Adding to this are the growth in sales in non-traditional food service locations; growing grocery, convenience stores, and home delivery services. These locations are putting more pressure on food service operators. With new and innovative products, modern food service establishments are frequently updating their menus, putting even more strain on already complex operational processes. The question remains if leading restaurant brands can run safer, more efficient, and effective operations so they can reclaim their market share and provide customers with a great experience.


There is a way for operators to improve their food safety systems while increasing staff productivity and better management of their systems for training compared to the manual (paper, pencil) systems currently in place. Digital food monitoring and operations systems are effective for helping large multi-location brands, franchisees, and single location operators manage food safety and restaurant operations with real-time data capture.


The significant digital evolution over the last two years means these systems are now more affordable and capable than ever before. Simple task management and checklist software has been replaced with multifunctional comprehensive systems.




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