FDA Releases 10 Year Study Results on Food Risk Factors

Recently published in June of 2023, the results of a 10-year study conducted by the FDA has been released regarding foodborne illness risk factors in fast-food and full-service restaurants. Starting in 2013, the study examined 421 fast-food locations and 430 full-service locations across the United States. The data collected showcases just how important food safety and monitoring is and why it is growing within the foodservice industry today.

The data above exhibits the percentage of the 851 fast food and full-service restaurants found in or out of compliance (meeting food safety standards) for each food risk factor from 2017-2018. The most common risk factor for foodborne illness was improper holding of food, time and temperature.

According to the FDA Food Code, “If food is abused by being held at improper holding temperatures or improperly cooled, spores can germinate to become rapidly multiplying vegetative cells”, therefore, causing foodborne illness (U.S. Food and Drug Association, 2017). Here at Energybox, we discovered walk-in coolers can sometimes be turned off for significant periods of time, bringing up food safety issues and quality of food issues. Improper food holding could lead to effects such as customer dissatisfaction, bad media press, and ultimately a damaged reputation.  As a result, this can lead to significant financial losses in your business as well as legal implications. Failure to maintain proper holding temperatures can also eventually lead to violations, penalties, and in extreme cases, a closure of an establishment. Monitoring software is crucial in the fast food and full-service restaurant industry in order to combat improper food holding.

This high-level software that Energybox provides is designed to track the temperature of all food holding equipment to ensure they are up to food safety standards. Because we monitor temperature every 10 minutes, our team is fully committed to deliver unparalleled safety solutions for your business. Our mission is to equip every restaurant location with top-of-the-line food safety software, guaranteeing the highest quality standards possible. With our advanced food safety monitoring equipment, you can rest assured that whether you are physically present in your restaurant or miles away, your food is maintained at the optimal temperature, ensuring freshness and safety.


U.S Food and Drug Administration