New ! Enhance Food Safety With Our Monitoring Solutions

Food-safety issues can be a recipe for disaster.

Not only you can lose valuable inventory and product, but also poor food safety practices expose you to liabilities and risk.

Energybox food monitoring solutions help to ensure optimum conditions and streamline food safety practices to keep you always compliant with the standard.

    • Fast, paperless, accurate and reliable
    • Customize and automate your inspection process
    • Schedule custom notifications
    • Store and manage your data
    • Stay HACCP compliant
    • Real-time pass/fail feedback
    • Create accurate historical report


Get a demo now:  www.energybox:3000/get-started/


About Energybox

We are an IoT and automation company. We monitor and automate multi-site facilities, equipment and processes. We offer fully integrated solutions - our own sensors, control, software and AI. We sell our solutions through a monthly subscription and our customers enjoy immediate cost savings and return.

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