Energybox shares insights at the Business Environment Council EnviroSeries Conference May 2018

Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong—23 May 2018—The Mira Hong Kong, Energybox shared insights on energy management system at the BEC EnviroSeries Conference May 2018.


BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2018 which was held on the 23rd of May 2018, adopted “The Greater Bay Area – Leveraging Opportunities for Hong Kong in the Transition towards Sustainability” as its theme. BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2018 is an initiative to actively taking forward the development of the Bay Area and also creating favorable conditions for diversifying industries. The goal is to assist Hong Kong people and enterprises to discover new opportunities, enabling them to capitalize on the unique advantages of Hong Kong in the Bay Area.


BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2018 was a great opportunity for Energybox to connect with Hong Kong businesses that have the same goal – to effectively enhance quality of life and sustainable development of the city cluster by working to protect the environment across the region. In fact, Energybox is promoting the adoption of a green way of operation across borders to increase competitiveness and develop benefits for Hong Kong businesses.


Energybox was thrilled to be chosen as one of the only nine environmental technology companies to attend the BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2018. We believe innovation can help us bring sustainability along with the support from the Hong Kong government. In fact, we also believe that by showcasing our expertise and innovation in environmental technology, we can spark inspiration and collaboration for sustainable development in the Greater Bay Area.