Energybox live demo provides knowhow in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS—February 20-22, 2018WPMA EXPO visitors were drawn into the live demonstrations at Energybox’s stand, which showed how easy it’s to use Energybox’s monitoring system that can help them reduce costs and manage risk.


Energybox demonstrated its latest innovations in energy monitoring, operational monitoring, and fuel dispenser monitoring. These monitoring systems are applicable for a wide range of businesses, including convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores, and fuel stations. Furthermore, these monitoring systems can be easily installed and customized according to each businesses needs.


Besides monitoring systems, Energybox’s proprietary business intelligence software also attracted a lot of attention, especially on the display of its innovative data visualization and real-time operational notification that are proven to further reduce maintenance cost and equipment failure risks. These real-time data visualizations and notifications can be the first step to automate business processes. Therefore, making business more efficient and profitable.  


Visitors also enjoyed seeing Energybox’s in-house developed sensors with simple, cost effective plug-and-play solution. These sensors will come with the monitoring platform and software once a business subscribes to Energybox’s plan.


The picture is Energybox’s Nicolas J. Russo showing how the system helps petroleum and convenience store companies to be smarter and more sustainable.