Energybox Insider: August 2020

Customer Insight – Grocery

Energybox’s multi-site monitoring and automation allowed our Grocery customer to identify a temperature violation, enabling them to make an adjustment to their temperature settings. This resulted in avoided produce loss and increased compliance. Normally the store manager should report mal-functioning equipment for maintenance and Energybox created awareness and enabled to trigger the necessary action.

Energybox provides the Grocery industry with multi-site automation solutions that streamline operations, ensure equipment uptime, and improve customer service while reducing labor and operational costs.

New Solution Release

Our team is constantly adding new features to make your experience with the Energybox platform the best and simplest it can be. Our newest features are customizable dashboards and overall refrigeration compliance. These new features provide you with a deeper understanding of your operations allowing you to optimize resources, reduce costs, and increase profits. What could be next for our platform? There are endless possibilities of growth.

Behind the Scenes with Beau Mahadev

Our team works hard to provide you the best services, features, and customer experiences. We sat down and talked to our Senior Full Stack Developer, Aaron Freidus, to give you all a behind the scenes sneak peek. Watch the video below to learn more!