Energybox Expands Business in Indonesia

MORRISTOWN, N.J. (PRWEB) JULY 30, 2019: Energybox Inc. is proud to announce the partnership with PT Neo Energi Indonesia. Through integrated solutions and collaboration, we have provided our EnergyTracker™ solution to the leading restaurant group, Arena Corporation. 

Energybox and PT Neo Energi have already provided tremendous value to Arena Corporation, through the Energybox systems insights on energy consumption and equipment benchmarking tools.  

Benny Suprapto, CEO of PT Neo Energi Indonesia stated, “Being in partnership with Energybox creates huge opportunities for our business, people and our ecosystem.”

Energybox and our new partner are pleased to be showcased at Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019. Our COO, Mike Mastoyiannis conducted a seminar in which he provided meaningful insights in “IoT, Energy Efficiency & Food Safety for the 21st Century.” Mike stated, “We are excited about the partnership with PT Neo Energi Indonesia as the potential market in Indonesia for energy and operational efficiency as well as food safety is significant.” With Energybox’s growth in Indonesia, we look forward to see what’s to come.

Sources: PRWEB

About Energybox

We are an IoT and automation company. We monitor and automate multi-site facilities, equipment and processes. We offer fully integrated solutions - our own sensors, control, software and AI. We sell our solutions through a monthly subscription and our customers enjoy immediate cost savings and return.

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