Energybox & Cisco – Creating Smarter, More Sustainable Businesses

Energybox, a leading IoT automation company, was created to provide energy management, savings, and sustainability for multi-site enterprises with state-of-the-art monitoring and automation solutions. Over the years, our solutions have evolved and improved with new technologies. We’ve had the honor of integrating Cisco Solutions, establishing a valuable partnership for all stakeholders including our customers. 

Energybox’s mission is to lead the transformation to autonomous facilities, simplifying our customer’s operations with insights and automation. Our team works hard to ensure our customers are happy and that we’ve made their lives easier. One of Energybox’s core values is sustainability and our solutions enable our customers to reduce carbon emissions and their carbon footprint while saving money and improving operations. 

Our partnership with Cisco has enabled us to provide this value to our customers. Their Cisco Catalyst IR1101 router provides secure connectivity to our equipment at customer sites. The Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard provides us full control and visibility of the network and also the connected equipment, allowing us to upgrade our software, and resolve issues remotely without needing to send a specialist to site. This limits disruption to the customer and enables us to provide our solutions at a reasonable cost. The joint solution that includes security and functionality of Cisco’s technology paired with the dynamic data and simplicity of our platform, cannot be beat. Customers are able to understand their operations like never before while saving money and increasing efficiency. 



At this current moment in time, simplifying day to day operations while increasing profitability and improving sustainability practices is more relevant than ever before. Customers need a way to maintain and increase their sales with limited resources. Demand remains the same or has even increased, meaning that there is a lot  to manage with less people to complete it all. 

Automation is playing an increasingly critical role in many organizations while making a positive impact on the planet. Becoming more sustainable is necessary in order for businesses to continue to succeed as well as to properly sustain our resources. Our solutions reduce the need for someone to physically visit a site and optimize equipment lifespan, while impacting savings and energy consumption. 

The company is in a very exciting place right now as Energybox is growing both the internal team as well as our presence within the industries we work in. Our partnership with Cisco has been a tremendous help with this and gives us the ability to scale our solutions for our customers with ease. Together, Energybox and Cisco are building a better, more sustainable future.

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