Automation in the Health & Medical Industry

Laboratories need to ensure their equipment is working properly to protect the integrity of customer specimens. It is also incredibly important that laboratories have the tools to efficiently comply with agency standards.

The Health & Medical industry is in need of a way to automate their operational processes as well as monitor key equipment. Some daily operational challenges that Laboratories experience are equipment downtime and failure, loss of customer specimen, and ensuring compliance and operational integrity. 

What if there was a way for Laboratories to know when their equipment was malfunctioning so they could prevent the loss of irreplaceable specimens? In addition, what if there was a way for Lab Operators to access site and equipment data across their entire organization and automate manual processes?

Energybox has been fortunate to work with nationally recognized laboratory customers since 2018 whereby we tailor our solutions to fit their operational needs by providing automated technology and systems. 

As an example, the Energybox system discovered that one of our customer’s equipment, which was storing highly sensitive specimens, was regularly out of SOP range. The cause of this was a higher than acceptable temperature setting locally on equipment. After this discovery, management was able to adjust the equipment’s settings to resolve this issue and prevent violations.

In another case, the system was also able to identify a temperature deviation that took place and alerted the correct personnel so they were able to take the proper actions. Emergency services were called and the issues were resolved. Our system was able to prevent specimen loss and quality issues.

With real-time monitoring of their key equipment temperatures, activity, and overall health, our system is able to identify operational abnormalities. With our instant notifications, our customers are able to take immediate actions. This results in avoided specimen loss and unnecessary maintenance costs. Our solutions have been able to not only automate our Lab customers’ operations but also provide substantial savings.

We monitor our customer’s equipment and environments in real-time, sending notifications of temperature deviations that impact the integrity of valuable, and sometimes irreplaceable, specimens.

We are excited to be expanding in the Health & Medical Industry. We continue to learn and enhance our systems and can’t wait to bring ongoing value to our customers.