Automation in Food Service for 2022

With each new year, it becomes more apparent that automation continues to become even more important than the year prior. Not only does the technology advance and improve, but also promotes simplicity which is key. 

With the obstacles that the last few years have thrown at us, we have learned to adapt to new ways of working which often consist of automated processes. We’ve seen that not only do these solutions work, but they increase productivity, reduce labor, and allow owners and operators even more time to focus on the customer. 

The foodservice industry, in particular, is automating all that they can due to the ongoing labor shortage – automating both front of house and back of house tasks. Automation has now become standard practice and customers are embracing it. Buck Jordan of Dot.LA writes, “Diners are embracing automation more than ever before and are open to change if it means added safety, convenience, and efficiency, as well as consistency in the quality of food they receive.” From contactless pickup and delivery to automated temperature checks, automation is continuously improving both diners’ and operators’ experiences. Now that we have experienced the benefits of automation, there’s certainly no going back to old ways. 

Here at Energybox, we automate your key equipment and collect real-time performance data. We also allow you to set schedules for startup and shutdown to optimize usage. We monitor equipment temperatures, door access, humidity, and energy consumption. Many of these processes would otherwise be conducted manually by staff and often result in product loss and increased costs. Our solutions promote efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. 

We work in a number of different industries. Contact us to learn how we can automate your operations. 

Enjoy automation.