Designed for convenience and grocery stores, restaurants, labs and storage facilities

Discover a better way of working

Automate your workflow with real-time monitoring and alerts for equipment and environments, to protect your products, improve safety and ensure customer comfort.

SiteHero™ keeps us constantly connected to our locations and alerts us to any problems before they affect our business.

Streamline your operations

Cutting-edge wireless sensors track temperatures, door access and environmental conditions across all of your locations in real-time.

Powerful insights

Energybox® cloud-based business intelligence software connects you to all your sites and equipment, providing important data and valuable information about your operations.

Targeted notifications

Driven by AI technology, a multi-tiered email notification system is set in motion to provide you with actionable insights for any operational irregularities.

All the data you need, at your fingertips

Convenient, simple and easy access to historical data for all of your locations.