Designed for grocery stores, restaurants, student housing, storage facilities, electrical rooms and labs

Run a smarter, more sustainable business

Track and monitor the energy consumption of your equipment and facilities to increase efficiency, simplify your operations and save money.

EnergyTracker™ makes sure our equipment is on and working when it should be, across thousands of sites.

Track everything

Collect real-time status and performance insights from cutting-edge, energy-tracking sensors connected to all of your electrical circuits.

Prevent losses and delays

Act fast and avoid any downtime by using real-time monitoring to identify potential problems and unexpected failures.

Always connected

Receive real-time notifications and alerts for all of your locations and critical equipment.

Save energy

Gain detailed energy data about all of your equipment, across all of your location, so you can take necessary actions and save on costs to surpass your sustainability targets.

Live energy data

Assess and benchmark equipment efficiency and site performance with daily reports on energy consumption across all of your locations.