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At Energybox, we are constantly looking to partner with industry leaders and innovators to leverage our - and your - expertise to benefit customers around the globe. By integrating with our IoT platform, whether in hardware or software - at cloud or edge level, we strive to create best-in-class solutions that will benefit end users and ecosystem partners with increased value-add and revolutionary outcomes.

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Cisco | Joint IoT Solution Development

Energybox leverages Cisco’s IoT technology portfolio for enterprise customers and applications. Cisco IR router series’ edge computing capabilities paired with Cisco Kinetic software suite for remote management perfectly enhance Energybox’ End-to-End IoT Solution as a Service (SaaS) offering. Together, Energybox & Cisco are bringing remote monitoring & automation solutions to customers working across hundreds to thousands of locations, securely leveraging equipment- and site-generated data into actionable insights with tangible business benefits. Future-proof IoT decisions are made when IT Expertise meets Operational Excellence.

Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) are widely recognized as industry best practices and the foundation for IT design implementations through common use cases and engineering system priorities. Each CVD incorporates a broad set of technologies, features, and applications to address specific customer needs. With comprehensive testing by Cisco Engineers, it's ensured to be faster, more reliable, and fully predictable in deployment.

Enterprise-class network & data security

Encrypted and certificate-based authentication at gateway level and secure end-to-end data management using latest security protocols for both on-site devices and communications remitted to the cloud

Enterprise-class network design & operational simplicity

A single centralized gateway to secure and mange. With easy organization-wide commissioning and deployment through templatized configurations.

Secure remote access & diagnostics

Centralized remote diagnostics and extended troubleshooting enabled through secure VPN access to all connected devices,

Performance Reliability

Edge computing ensures uninterrupted operations even when cloud connection is disrupted or unstable, while additional connectivity options, including Dual SIM 4G further reduce the risk of connectivity loss.

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