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Industry Challenges

Timely manual processes
Increase downtime, maintenance, and energy costs
Lack of focus on customer experience
Difficulty in managing multiple locations
Violation of FDA guidelines
Avoidable product loss and costs

Our solutions

Energybox provides the Restaurant industry with multi-site automation solutions that streamline operations, ensure equipment uptime, and improve customer service while ensuring food safety & reducing operational costs.


SiteHero automates your workflow with real-time monitoring of key temperatures and door access across your restaurants to ensure FDA compliance and reduce product costs.

Track temperatures and door access across all of your restaurant locations in real-time.
Receive important insights and valuable information about your restaurant operations.
Tiered email notifications provide you with actionable insights of any operational irregularities.
Easy to access historical data of all of your restaurant locations.
Gain the ability to benchmark your restaurants' performance.


EnergyTracker monitors and tracks energy consumption across all of your restaurant locations to increase operational efficiency and reduce your monthly energy bill.

Access real-time status and performance insights of all of your restaurants.
Act fast and avoid downtime at your restaurants with real-time monitoring.
Recieve real-time notifications of any irregularities for all of your restaurants.
Gain detailed energy data of all of your equipment, across all of your restaurants.
Assess and benchmark equipment efficiency and restaurant performance with daily reports.

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