Energybox provides ground breaking, fully integrated end-to-end IoT solutions that automate your multi-site operations. Our system includes proprietary sensors, controls, software, and AI to monitor, automate, optimize your facilities, equipment and processes. Data generated by our systems are processed and converted into multi-dimensional insights, enabling real-time automation and providing you with the ability to make informed decisions.

Reduce the risk of credit card skimming with DispenserSentry

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Using SiteHero to monitor and automate self-storage facilities

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Real-time monitoring and prevention of business shutdown with CarwashAssure

Pete Rooney of Legends Car Wash explains how our CarwashAssure solution helps him manage his multiple car wash locations and saves him thousands of dollars. Interested in increasing efficiency at your car wash locations?

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Preventing Equipment Loss and Downtime with EnergyTracker

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Preventing food loss and ensuring customer satisfaction with SiteHero

Emilio Inchiappa explains how real-time monitoring of his operations helps make the company more efficient and more profitable.

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