Case Study

My Place

The Energybox SiteHero and EnergyTracker solutions allow us to monitor temperature, humidity and energy consumption in all our MyPlace SelfStorage warehouses 24/7, so we can react immediately in case of temperature changes. This allows us to guarantee our customers a constant and optimal storage climate and at the same time, identify any kind of energy waste immediately!
- Paul Visotschnig, Managing Director


Company MyPlace
Industry Storage Facilities
Markets Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • High costs due to manual temperature and humidity inspection process
  • Distributed locations leading to inefficient processes
  • Customer visibility to temper ature and humidity of storage units
  • Automation of temperature inspection process
  • Integration of Energybox data into customers’ systems

Key Results

Months Rollout


Software Platform
Wireless Sensors & Gateways

  • 100+ Gateways
  • 300+ Temperature and Humidity Sensors

MyPlace Self-Storage is the leading self- storage developer and operator in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They typically operate facilities that range between 4 and 7 stories with an average site dimension of 8,000 sqm. Both private and commercial customers can rent storage units between 1 and 50m2. The storage units are easily accessible and flexible and are therefore precisely tailored to the customer needs.

They operate more than 40,000 storage units with an overall area of more than 240,000 sqm.

MyPlace has 55+ locations across major cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


MyPlace was working with manual temperature and humidity loggers to document and save temperature reference data. They needed to reduce costs while optimizing the overall process towards an automated documentation process.

MyPlace was experiencing the following:

  • Areas and floor levels frequently outside of desired temperature levels
  •  Floor levels getting close to being too humid
  • Manual temperature and humidity process that were highly inefficient and required extensive labor costs

Each of the challenges above requires local personnel to walk through the large facilities for hours a week, costing MyPlace several hundred, often thou- sands, of dollars. MyPlace needed a way to monitor temperatures in all areas and floor levels.

Energybox Solution & Approach

Manual readings, documentation and archiving temperature and humidity val- ues for every building level and all sites is a labour and cost intensive process.

SiteHero’s wireless sensors and central gateways with built in LTE connectivity (‘Hubs’) make it easy to install without the need to connect to a local wired network.

The Energybox partner network allowed for a quick and professional installation of all needed sensors across 3 countries in less than 3 months.

MyPlace can now access all temperature and humidity values to ensure their clients that their stored goods are stored within optimal conditions.

Notifications & API

All incorrect temperature and humidity levels result in notifications being sent to the relevant local or regional MyPlace staff to further qualify and resolve the reported conditions.

The data interface option (API) offers additional functionality and connects to the MyPlace IT directly in order to visualize temperature and humidity levels on the MyPlace homepage and to use this data in their internal systems.

Energybox is monitoring the ambient conditions in all MyPlace facilities on every building level to ensure optimal storage conditions.


By using the Energybox’s SiteHero solution and API data interface, MyPlace is now:

  • Increasing customer trust by showing temperature and humidity in real- time to the customer.
  • Saving labor costs by automating tedious repetitive manual temperature/humidity readings and archiving.
  • Receiving real-time notifications about incorrect temperature and humidity levels to react as soon as possible.MyPlace has made a commitment of quality to their customers and decided to create real-time transparency of humidity and temperatures via their custom- er portal for all of the MyPlace facilities.

MyPlace has made a commitment of quality to their customers and decided to create real-time transparency of humidity and temperatures via their customer portal for all of the MyPlace facilities.

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