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Enhancing Restaurant Profitability through Automation

Restaurant owners have a tremendous job. They are constantly under pressure, finding new ways to achieve operational efficiency, grow store revenue and maintain profitability. They also face many challenges one of them being a high employee turnover rate in the industry. In 2016, the restaurant employee turnover rate exceeded 70%. This resulted in low productivity and difficulty in daily operational monitoring of multiple sites.

Moreover, improper inventory management has lead to inaccurate stock rotation. Another challenge is product loss due to equipment downtime. This all has a negative influence on food quality and customer satisfaction, whilst raising energy costs to new heights. Restaurants use almost three times as much energy as an average commercial building and electricity accounts for nearly half of the restaurant’s energy consumption.

Operators’ primary focus is on having high sales and ensuring high operational efficiency is often overlooked. Restaurant automation tools resolve this issue.

This white paper discusses how to enhance the profitability of your business by leveraging IoT platforms and automation technology. Download the white paper to learn more.