Energybox Monitoring

Our sensors monitor the essential elements of your operations. When equipment isn’t performing at optimum conditions, it can expose you to risks, food-safety issues, product losses and liabilities. We’ll help you keep on top of things.

Energy Monitoring

Our energy sensors connect with circuit breakers to track energy use across locations and facilities, or can directly monitor individual equipment.

You can live-track your equipment, optimize energy costs, receive alerts about disturbances, and automate any maintenance.

Temperature Monitoring

Our wireless temperature sensors monitor indoor, outdoor or ambient temperatures with accuracy, and a broad thermal range.

We’ve developed a customizable solution that lets you set thresholds and parameters, with real-time alerts to notify you of any deviations.

Humidity Monitoring

Our wireless humidity sensors accurately monitor humidity levels, reporting back to your dashboard in real time. Customize pre-set thresholds and get alerts when these are surpassed.

Our technology can be configured to monitor specific areas, rooms or relative humidity levels.

Food Monitoring

Food-safety issues can result in product losses and expose you to liabilities and risk. To ensure optimum conditions, a combination of our temperature, humidity and access sensors help you to monitor food safety, equipment performance and facility operations.

Access Monitoring

Secure access points protect valuable equipment and ensure the safety of people and product.

Our wireless access sensors will notify you in real time when doors, windows or storage spaces are opened or closed.

Fuel Dispenser Monitoring

Easy to install in new or legacy dispensers, you can reduce unauthorized access and the risk of card skimming and fraud.

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