Smart solutions to common problems

To help eliminate the challenges facing your business, our solutions automate your operations for greater accuracy, consistency and efficiency.


Automate your workflow with real-time monitoring and alerts for equipment and environments, to protect your products, improve safety and ensure customer comfort.

Streamline your operations
Powerful insights
Targeted notifications
All the data you need, at your fingertips


Experience a revolutionary food inspection and process automation solution designed to ensure safety, quality and HACCP-compliance.

Accurate and efficient inspections
Robust reporting
Quick, simple and easy set-up
Always connected
On-the-go management


Avoid costly disruptions to your business and operate at peak efficiency with real-time tracking and alerts.

Whatever the weather
No more disruptions
On-the-go troubleshooting
Data at your fingertips


Monitor your dispenser activity to protect your brand, business and customers from fraud at the pump.

Keep tabs at all times
Inspections made easy
Protect your business
Immediate alerts


Track and monitor the energy consumption of your equipment and facilities to increase efficiency, simplify your operations and save money.

Track everything
Prevent losses and delays
Always connected
Save energy
Live energy data

Through insights, AI and automation, we simplify and empower your business to be safer, profitable and more sustainable than ever before.

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