New Multi-Site Features: Overal Refrigeration Compliance and Top Energy Consumption

Here at Energybox we are excited to announce two new tiles/features that are under the multi-site management and automation scope. Our software and data team worked hard on this and since multi-site is the core of what we do we are very excited to present this to you.

So this new view allows your organization to benchmark the performance of all your sites  through key KPIs such as compliance level, efficiency, potential money saving opportunities and insights on energy usage.

These new tiles allow you to better manage both refrigeration compliance and energy consumption.

Refrigeration compliance is key to maintaining product quality and integrity. Whether your facility stores food products or laboratory specimens, correct storage temperature is critical. When storage temperatures are too warm or too cold, the integrity of the stored products is compromised. This can result in food safety issues or contaminated specimens which can greatly affect customer health and satisfaction as well as your brand’s reputation.

Understanding energy consumption across your location is vital in trying to reduce your costs. Equipment might be running during off-hours, resulting in unnecessary usage and costs. There are also instances where staff may manually start-up or shut down equipment which can also greatly affect your monthly energy usage.

Both of the new tiles allow you to understand your operations on a new level, quickly and easily. This allows you to see your overall refrigeration compliance as well as your compliance by site, from least compliant to the most complaint. You can also view your energy consumption by site, from the highest energy consumption to the lowest. By being able to view this ever so easily on our platform, you can manage your locations by understanding which locations, and in what areas, they can improve.

At Energybox, our goal is to make managing your operations easier and more efficient. Automate your operations and be in control of your business.

About Energybox

We are an IoT and automation company. We monitor and automate multi-site facilities, equipment and processes. We offer fully integrated solutions - our own sensors, control, software and AI. We sell our solutions through a monthly subscription and our customers enjoy immediate cost savings and return.

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