DevOps Engineer

Type: Full time

Location: USA

Energybox is a leading IoT Automation Company. We help multi-site customers automate their operations, reduce costs and improve sustainability.  We provide an integrated IoT platform which includes proprietary sensors, controls, software and AI to monitor, automate and optimize facilities, equipment and processes.  

Energybox is seeking a high-energy, self-motivated individual who has a healthy disregard for the impossible and views a challenge as the necessary inspiration to create a legacy. Qualified candidates will have the opportunity to work with a world class international team that is revolutionizing the way people interact with equipment, processes, and data, across all of their locations.  


Required person’s mindset

  • Strong leadership, flexibility, excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Assertive, well-organized, analytical and having good problem-solving skills
  • Teamplayer within a company that rewards competence, performance and teamwork
  • Drive to excel and result orientation
  • Innovation and Simplicity is key in our business
  • Decision-making, Conflict resolution and Prioritisation skills
  • Resonance with our values: People, Simplicity, Delight Customers, Passion and Sustainability


About your job

  • Designing infrastructure and automated systems to support distributed architecture
  • Developing tools to manage configuration and deployment of large server clusters
  • Forecasting and planning for the infrastructure needs of a fast-growing SaaS company and finding ways to improve the efficiency
  • Collaborating with our team to detect, resolve and enhance infrastructure problems
  • Maintaining highly available and redundant web and backend systems that serve 1000’s of users, and 1000’s of requests per second.


About you

  • BS in Information Systems or Computer Science, related field experience, or both
  • Experience working with automated server configuration and deployment tools
  • Experience with large scale global Products, services and security
  • Extensive experience in cloud technologies ( AWS )
  • Experience with Task automation, increasing efficiencies, costs savings and reducing error in an online environment
  • Proficient with Git, Docker, Docker Compose and Swarm
  • Knowledge of database design, sharding, replication, scaling and administration (MySQL, MongoDB,Neo4j, InfluxDB, Redis etc )
  • Proficiency with Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Amazon Elastic Container Service, Grafana
  • General web development background preferred ( Java, Spring Framework, Servlets, Tomcat, Maven,REST, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS )
  • Experience with Streaming Platforms and Message Brokers ( Kafka ) is a big plus
  • Experience with MQTT, Protobuf and Avro is a big plus


Energybox is proud to be an equal employment opportunity workplace. 

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