Energybox Features State-of-the-Art Solutions At Wendy’s Convention + Expo 2019

MORRISTOWN, N.J., September 22-24 2019: 

Wendy’s celebrated their 50th anniversary this year at their 2019 Convention + Expo and Energybox had the honor of exhibiting as a Wendy’s certified vendor. The show took place from September 22nd to the 24th at the Orlando World Center Marriott. While at the show, Energybox exhibited their state-of-the-art solutions.

Like many successful enterprises, Wendy’s is leveraging technology to ensure profitable, efficient and sustainable practices. Through insights, AI and automation, Energybox strives to simplify and empower Wendy’s operations to achieve those objectives.

At the Energybox booth, visitors had an opportunity to receive live demonstrations of the SiteHero, SimplyCheck, and EnergyTracker solutions all on a centralized platform. These solutions ensure operational efficiency, transparency and accountability. 

Energybox is grateful to work with Wendy’s and is excited to be an integral part of their continued success domestically and internationally.

Discover how Energybox technology can optimize your operations by visiting www.energybox:3000/solutions

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About Energybox

We are an IoT and automation company. We monitor and automate multi-site facilities, equipment and processes. We offer fully integrated solutions - our own sensors, control, software and AI. We sell our solutions through a monthly subscription and our customers enjoy immediate cost savings and return.

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