Case Study

Holiday Stationstores

Energybox solutions have enabled us to reduce costs while ensuring operational continuity by automating our equipment and processes. We now have real-time, remote visibility of our stores with the Energybox platform.
- Patrick Patnaude, Maintenance Support / Energy Manager


Company Holiday Stationstores
Industry Convenience & Fuel
Markets Upper Midwest, AK, ID, WA, WI, WY
  • Equipment failure
  • Product loss
  • High energy costs
  • Manual processes
  • Lack of visibility
  • Reduced product loss by $900,000
  • Automated startup and shutdown of key equipment
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Automated manual temperature checks

Key Results

Annual Savings per Site
Return on Investment
Monthly Savings per Site
Monthly Labor Hours Redirected per Month
Monthly Energy Cost Reduction per Site
Monthly Avoided Product Loss per Site per Month


Software Platform
Wireless Sensors & Gateways

  • 1 Hub
  • 4 EnergyPro
  • 1 Cisco Edge Compute Device
  • 12 Temperature
  • 2 Door Access
  • 2 Ambient Temperature
  • 1 SiteController
  • HVAC
  • Walk-in Cooler
  • Walk-in Freezer
  • Lighting
  • Car Wash Heat Slabs
  • Gutter De-Icing Tapes

Holiday Stationstores operates premium fuel and convenience stores with a reputation for high-quality products, services and environments. They are a part of the Circle K family of stores and are the 18th largest c-store chain in the US with 500+ locations over 10 states.


Convenience stores have a dynamic environment which requires ensuring operational continuity and cost management across many facilities and pieces of equipment that are typically distributed over a large geographic area.

Holiday was experiencing the following challenges:

  • Unpredictable equipment failure
  • Product loss due to failed equipment
  • Inconsistent execution of lighting schedules
  • Increasing energy consumption and costs
  • Lack of visibility across sites, creating inefficient and costly response to issues

Each of the challenges above often result in several hundred, often thousands, of dollars per incident due to unnecessary equipment failure, repairs, product loss, and energy consumption. Holiday Stationstores needed a way to efficiently manage and automate their 500+ and growing locations, while monitoring critical equipment temperatures and performance.


To significantly reduce costs, increase profits and address their operational challenges, Holiday Stationstores selected Energybox, a leading IoT automation and solutions company, to deploy their SiteHero, AutoScheduler, and DemandManager solutions

Real-time monitoring of key temperatures and door access.

Energybox installed the SiteHero solution in all sites to automate manual processes, reduce costs, and avoid product loss. SiteHero automates operations by using wireless sensors to monitor key temperatures and door access in real-time. Operators will receive tiered notifications of any equipment downtime or failures, allowing them to reduce product loss and avoid maintenance costs.

Automation of equipment startup and shutdown with dynamic scheduling

The AutoScheduler solution was implemented enabling them to automate startup and shutdown with dynamic scheduling of key equipment such as their lighting, and HVAC units among others. Holiday was able to to set operating schedules for key equipment and verify savings in real-time.

Actively manage and optimize energy consumption

The DemandManager solution enabled Holiday to maximize energy savings by automating connected devices which coordinates timing and usage of equipment using AI to maintain performance levels while reducing demand charges


Energybox solutions were provided to Holiday as a Solution-as-a-Service, which resulted in an immediate and recurring return on investment.

The Energybox platform has allowed Holiday Stationstores to automate and remotely manage all of their sites, and support a contactless environment for their customers and staff. Upon implementation of the Energybox solution, Holiday Stationstores accomplished the following:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Optimized equipment run times and reduced maintenance costs
  • Prevented product loss with automated notifications saving over $900,00 per year
  • Automated manual temperature checks and processes reducing labor, and improving accuracy •
  • Obtained real-time insights and benchmarking of equipment performance and energy consumption across all locations

Holiday’s objective was to fully automate their stores under one platform. This would enable Holiday to efficiently and effectively manage their 500+ stores while enjoying operational continuity, ensuring cost savings and driving sales.

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