Quick Serve Restaurants

Beyond burgers: setting new standards

A leading Burger King franchisee had the vision to improve practices by utilizing energy monitoring. Our solutions were installed and connected to the cloud-based platform where store management and area supervisors could monitor consumption and any equipment abnormalities, in real time. The result? Reduced energy consumption and associated cost savings.


Thanks to the monitoring system, the customer identified that they had been supplying power to a neighbouring business’s parking lot for 12 years—costing them thousands of dollars. And now: instant savings.
Equipment operating periods were optimized to reduce energy consumption.
The system identified the source of ongoing repair costs and operating issues.
Management were able to benchmark the performance of individual locations.
Successful pilot sites have paved the way for large-scale rollout.
1398 KWH
Monthly Energy Saving
Monthly Cost Saving
Equipment Monitored

Energybox provided us with real-time alerts and notifications of all critical equipment performance variances, which enabled us to lower maintenance cost and ensure longevity of equipment.

Burger King, USA